Welcome to Southampton University Livesaving Club’s homepage

No experience is necessary! Just come along on a Tuesday at 8pm, Jubilee Pool and a Thursday at 18:30 in the SUSU entrance, and we will meet you there!

Tuesdays are a two hour swimming session, 8pm-10pm, where we do an hour of general fitness. The second hour is SERC training. SERCs are basically mini scenarios, where you have two minutes to treat people whilst in teams of four. We score you based on how well you treat your casualties. Don’t worry, we’ll be generous!!

Thursdays are 1 Hour 30 Mins of First aid Training (6.30-8pm), where we go over essential lifesaving skills such as bandaging and CPR. The final hour (8-9pm) is speed training. Speeds are basically races within lifesaving. Examples are Rope throws, Towing a person for a length and swimming under gates!

Annual membership to Southampton University Lifesaving club is £45 for the year, and you will need Sport & Wellbeing Membership

We are a friendly group of people and are very laid back, but competitive too. We look forward to meeting you all!